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A New Era of Veterinary Medicine

A new era of veterinary medicine is here, where personalized patient care is made possible through pet genetic testing by Basepaws Veterinary.

By Tanya Cooper, MBA - Director of Veterinary Marketing, Basepaws

What a fantastic time to be in veterinary medicine! We are seeing innovation developing before our eyes daily. The past few years have ushered in the era of the highly engaged pet parent. New pet ownership has been fantastic for veterinary practice growth, but has posed several challenges. Teams are stretched thin and mental health is at a tipping point for many veterinary professionals. However, despite these monumental challenges, one thing rings true--veterinarians and their teams want to provide the best care possible for their patients and continue to meet their client's growing expectations for personalized care.

Veterinarians, you are entering a new era of veterinary medicine--an era where your client is highly engaged and looking to you for a connection. They want to know that you are their trusted advisor and their partner in their pet's care. 

Routine preventive care is evolving beyond vaccines and parasiticides. You are reaching for advanced diagnostic tools like comprehensive blood work panels, portable ultrasound, digital cytology, and other modern advances to provide a higher level of care. Perhaps you have also incorporated virtual care into your practice and are experiencing increased efficiency in seeing patients. If you've added even one of these items to your preventive care protocols, you are doing outstanding work! Now is the time to consider another tool to add to your practice--genetic testing.

Basepaws is excited to bring our portfolio of genetic tests for dogs and cats directly to the veterinary practice. Genetic testing isn't just about breed identification anymore. The information you receive from the genetic reports can reveal vital information about your patients' disease risk! Learning about your patients' biological blueprint can guide you in your treatment and care decisions allowing for early detection of disease risk and enabling you to practice proactive medicine!

Picture a new puppy, kitten, or newly adopted animal visiting your practice for the first time. Wouldn't it be great to know what to look for as the pet grows older? What if you could identify a cat's risk for developing kidney disease or understand if a canine patient was predisposed to a thyroid issue? You may monitor more closely with more frequent medical progress checks or recommend regular blood work to check for any signs of disease. A patient's appetite or behavior changes may be better explained with improved insights.

We are entering an era of personalized patient care, and you can be at the forefront of this by incorporating genetic testing into your practice. We would love to tell you how Basepaws tests offer unique benefits to you and your patients. I invite you take our free RACE-Approved CE course titled, Demystifying Pet Genetics by Dr. Ernie Ward. The course will give you valuable information on why pet genetics is an important tool for your practice. Want more information, contact us!

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